Colour customise your Arcade Table

July 20, 2009

Cherry RedRemember the old wood-grain arcade machines from the 70’s and 80’s?  How cool were they?  Well, you can customise your Asobu Arcade Table in a choice of over 50 colours for just $100 more!  Shown at left is ‘Cherry Red, a stunning modern version that fits beautifully with the latest colour schemes.

Whether you’re buying to suit your home media room or the waiting room at your business premises, there are colours to suit.  We offer vivid red, blue or green, subdued browns, pastels and greys, stippled variations and even a gorgeous white!

Colour customising takes around six weeks as your Arcade Table is built specifically for you!  At just $100 extra, it’s value you’ll appreciate every time you play or even walk past your Asobu!

Polar White

Polar White

Why layby for Christmas when it’s only July?

July 15, 2009

christmas giftYou know it must be July when the Target Toy Sale and the Kmart Toy Sale are announced.  The idea is to layby your toys and pay them off over the months leading up to Christmas and then pick them up on or before Christmas Eve.  Genius!  You don’t have to hide the pressies and you can virtually save up for them for half a year.

At Arcade Tables, we encourage Christmas labys in July too!  And there are a few very good reasons:

  1. With customer laybys in place, we have a good idea how many Arcade Tables we’re going to need to dispatch the week before Christmas.
  2. Last-minute purchases can result in disappointment if the frantic rush we experience every year happens again.  Every November, the mad rush begins and whilst we obviously love that, there can be a risk of selling out.
  3. By laybying, you can make your decision and not have to worry about what to get that hard-to-buy-for person for Christmas for the rest of the year!
  4. No need to hide the Arcade Table at home … we’ll deliver to your door the week before Christmas.
  5. No major outlay just when you need the cash most to pay for stocking fillers, edible goodies, liquid cheer and all those parties you get invited to.
  6. We don’t charge any interest or fees.  You pay just what you would if you’d purchased outright, but you get to spare your credit card.
  7. Pay monthly by direct deposit or by credit card.  We accept Amex, Diners, Mastercard and Visa.

A 10% deposit is all that’s required to start your layby.  But there is one problem with laybying so early in the year … how on earth are you going to keep it a secret???

Pong circa 1978 on Kriesler TV

July 13, 2009

Cast your mind back … waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back!  Remember when it was considered the height of technology to be able to play games on your TV?  Wow!  I remember our stunning Kriesler TV, our first colour TV, circa 1978.  We used to love sitting up really close to the screen, close enough so that we could see the red, green and blue bars that make up the images.  But what we absolutely adored was that it came with awesome games!

Imagine … a TV that would not only show programmes but that you could play as well!  We spent hours and hours trying to beat each other at Pong, that great old stalwart that was the shape of things to come.  We drove Mum crazy with the endless beeps and blurps as we sat completely mesmerised by the vision.  We were enthralled at the remote controls and the fact that we could tell the TV what to do, even from the lounge chairs!  Never mind that the remote controls were actually plugged in to the front of the set.  We didn’t have to get up!  Check out one of the first Kriesler sets below and you’ll get a glimpse of Pong in action:

The tragic effect of violent video games

June 17, 2009

broken glassesSince I’ve been Sales Manager for Arcade Tables, one of the biggest selling points I enjoy touting is the innocence of the games on the tables we produce.  There are 60 classic games on the Asobu Arcade Table and none require any kind of parental censorship.  Sure, you can shoot down alien spaceships, and you can gobble up little ghosts, but there is no car stealing (Grand Theft Auto) and certainly no graphic death and destruction (Halo).

In a news item posted today on, the headline “Teen Mum killed over video game” was pure testament to the hard core messages that are conveyed in modern games that are sold to our youths.

Fox News reports that Daniel Petric, a 17 year old in the U.S., has been sentenced to 23 years behind bars for shooting dead his mother after she confiscated his favourite video game … Halo 3.

Almost as disturbing was the argument that Daniel had become so obsessed by the fictional violence in the video games he played, that he had become numb to the concept of death.

Sales pitch though it may be, I truly believe that the innocence of the games on our Arcade Table is its most important feature.  When you’re buying an entertainment unit for the family to enjoy together, isn’t it wonderful to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you can allow the children to use it without being severely influenced, even warped, by what they see?

Rant over … it’s difficult not to be moved by such a news item.

ms pacman

How a Brand New Arcade Table Delights All 5 Senses

June 17, 2009

Delight the sensesRight!  The carton has been delivered to your door, the truck has driven off and you know there’s a massive treat in store within the cardboard walls of that package.  Forgive me for being a tad romantic but judging by feedback received from proud owners, there is a bit of sensory overload involved in taking delivery of your brand new Arcade Table!

  1. Smell – Inhale deeply.  You’ve just unpacked your stunning new Arcade Table from its carton.  Do you smell that?  That unmistakable aroma of brand new electronics equipment.  If you were blindfolded, you could be mistaken for thinking you’d just received a massive widescreen TV or a rockin’ surround sound system.  Even better – though you may not know it yet if your Arcade Table is a gift – this is not a big lump of AV equipment that you sit and watch happen.  This is a totally interactive piece of 1980’s gaming wizardry that will transport you back to a more innocent time.
  2. Sight – Take it all in.  Behold the gleaming stainless steel of the consoles, the elegant retro lines of the full-figured cabinet and the almost pulsating, bulbous red joystick that begs to be throttled.  A glint reflects from the glass table top and pulls your eye in to the graphics … just like you remember them.  Colourful, animated and compelling, and you can’t wait to manipulate the characters or spaceships to your highest scores ever.
  3. Sound – There’s a slight hum from the fan that sits concealed inside the cabinet, designed to keep your spaceships cool.  If you chose the coin mechanism option, you’ll be poised and ready with a couple of coins, and as you insert them in the slot, that old familiar sound fills the immediate environment.  Ca-chink, ca-chink!  Scroll through the games on the screen, choose your favourite, click the button and you’re off!  Remember Space Invaders and the “uh-uh-uh-uh, uh-uh-uh-uh”?  Remember PacMan and the bleep blurp bleep blurp soundtrack?  It all comes flooding back when you crank up Galaga and start firing off into a distant universe.  Concentration, BEGIN!  And heaven forbid anyone should try to start a conversation with you at this point!
  4. Touch and feel – The first thing you’ll notice is how small the joystick knob feels in your hand.  You were a kid when you used to play, after all!  The second thing you’ll notice is how instinctive it all feels.  We don’t say “assume the position” for nothing!  The second you sit at the Arcade Table, you’ll be instantly transported back to a time when good posture was something Nana used to constantly prod you about and for the girls, when sitting ladylike was not applicable.  You simply can’t sit side-saddle to play arcade games!  Go ahead, hunch your shoulders, sit with your legs apart for best leverage and get stuck into those fire buttons and the joystick.  You never really left the 1980’s, did you?
  5. chiko rollTaste – Oh, I know what you’re thinking.  “How’s she going to come up with something about taste for the Arcade Table?”  Come on!!  You know you can’t wait to taste victory against your components.  You know you want bragging rights over the Highest Scores in Galaga, Frogger and Donkey Kong!  And if you’ll let me push the taste issue a little further, let me tell you this.  The minute you start playing, you will experience cravings for cold Chiko Rolls and warm Coke and the only thing stopping you from going to the shop to get them is your all-consuming desire to play hard for as long as you can!

Pac-Man facts and trivia

May 5, 2009

pac-manIf you lived under a rock in the 1980’s, or if you were born in a decade since, you wouldn’t know a whole lot about Pac-Man.  So here’s some info that will help you in your quest to eat fruit … or at least to get your ghosts fruit-munching on your Arcade Table.

Using the joystick, players control Pac-Mac through a maze and guide him to eat as many pac-dots as possible.  Once all the dots are eaten, Pac-Man progresses through to the next stage.  This is here four ghosts name Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde wander around the maze with the ultimate goal of catching Pac-Man.  Once a ghost touche Pac-Man, a life is lost.  When all lives are lost, the game is over. 

Power pellets

You’ll see in the corner of the maze, four larger flashing dots and these are called power pellets.  They give Pac-Man temporary abilities to eat the ghosts which turn deep blue, reverse direction and move more slowly.   When Pac-Mac eats a ghost, the ghost’s eyes return to the ghost home where it reverts to its normal colour.

Keep a watch on the ghosts because they flash from blue to white before they turn dangerous and the length of time for which they flash grows shorter as you move through the stages of the game.


As well as pac-dots and power pellets, Pac-Man also gets bonus items, most of which are fruits.  They appear near the centre of the maze and grant extra bonus points when eaten.  The items and bonus values are different throughout the game.

Pac-Man Cheats

It is possible to follow a pattern on each maze that will always clear the screen without being caught by the ghosts. It is also possible to hide indefinitely in one place on the screen.  Where Pac-Man starts on the maze, there’s a “T”-like wall above him. If you guide Pac-Man up to the right-most part of the “T” from the bottom without any ghosts seeing you go in, they’ll never enter that spot.  You need to stay still, facing up.

The four ghosts

The ghosts are Pac-Man’s enemy and they want to follow him around with the goal of eating him.  Each ghost has a different personality, name, colour and nickname.

  • Pinky: pink in colour, real name Speedy, very fast.
  • Blinky: red in colour, real name Shadow, hard to shake, always stays behind Pac-Man.
  • Inky: light blue in colur, real name Bashful, very shy and actually prefers to run away from Pac-Man.
  • Clyde: orange in colour, real name Pokey, does his best to catch Pac-Man but is very slow.

Pac-Man trivia

  • Did you know that Pac-Man was created when Toru Iwatani looked down at a pan of pizza with one slice missing?  The circle with the missing wedge that looked like a mouth became the character in his new video game.
  • Pac-Man was originally called Puck Man but it was changed because the middle section of the ‘P’ could be scratched away and cause offence.
  • Other stories have it that the name Pac-Man was derived from the Japanese adverb ‘paku’ which describes gaping, biting or snapping mouths.

NEW!! LCD monitors now available

May 1, 2009

cathode-ray-tube-coloursAnother brand new innovation has been incorporated into our fabulous Asobu Arcade Table.  Will it never stop??  (Not while we’re in charge!)

We are now building our tables with highest quality LCD monitors.  To date, all our tables have used CRT (Cathode Ray Tue) monitors because they were the only ones that could display the old-style graphics without distortion.  Well, in an ironic twist on chronology, modern technology has finally ‘caught up with’ the good old days!   The new LCD monitors are not only capable of appropriately displaying the graphics, but they do it with slick style.

Mounted right under the glass, the LCD’s make the graphics appear to be on the glass, whereas with CRT, you would look down into the table.  For retro enthusiasts, CRT may still be the way the want to go, and we’re happy to oblige … for now.  Eventually, all our Asobu’s will roll out with the stunning LCD’s but for now, we will continue to offer both options.  The LCD unit, as you can imagine, are far more expensive to produce, so there is an extra $200 charge.

For visually-impaired folks, the new LCD’s that we use will be fantastic!  They have a viewing angle of up to 86 degrees which means you can view in perfect clarty from almos all angles.  Poorer quality LCD’s look distorted when viewed on an angle but not these!

Size: 21 inches (53cm).

Now’s the time to grab your CRT version of the Asobu Arcade Table as they will be gradually phased out.

The cleverest pizza box/gadget thingy ever!

April 30, 2009

Right!  You’ve got your Arcade Table fired up and ready for a Friday afternoon beer, and you just know it’s going to turn into Friday night dinner, and that probably means pizza.  Well, we’d like to enlighten you on this crazy, but really clever, idea for an enviromentally-friendliER pizza box.  As gadgets go, this is pretty cool.  It transforms with ease into four pizza plates and a leftovers box that doesn’t take up all your fridge space.  Why hasn’t some on-the-ball pizza company developed this yet?

Buzzwords for 2009 (Vanity Fair’s Graydon Carter)

April 30, 2009
Buzzword: entitlement

Buzzword: entitlement

Evidently, there are people in the world who decide what the year’s buzz words are each year.  That’s fine by us; we’re into creating magnificent arcade gaming units … buzzwords, not so much.  But it definitely suited us to see that one Graydon Carter – Canadian-born American journalist and author who also happens to be the editor of style bible Vanity Fair – has designated as 2009’s buzzwords: sophisticated, innovative and entitlement.

Hey, we’re all about sophistication and innovation.  We’ve proudly re-designed the old retro arcade gaming units into a sophisticated wonder of gaming innovation.  (Humour me!)  As for entitlement, well, aren’t you entitled to have a bit of fun?  Life’s not all about paying bills, sweaty palms in the dentist’s chair, flat tyres on rainy days and empty gas bottles when you have ten hungry guests over for a barbie!

Wheel out your fabulous Arcade Table and play a few games whilst the fillet is cooking.  You’re not supposed to keep turning the steak anyway!

Ah yes, we love the word entitlement.  It invokes guilt-free pleasure and the belief that you deserve what you work hard for.  Play on!!

Human Space Invaders – you have to see this!

April 29, 2009

Ever wondered what a human version of Space Invaders would look like? Me neither!!  Ever wondered what people who have too much time on their hands get up to?  Here’s the answer, and it’s pretty cool … in a nerdy kinda way.